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HiSMRfs, a file system with standard POSIX interface suitable for Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) drives, has been designed and developed. HiSMRfs can manage raw SMR drives and support random writes without remapping layer implemented inside SMR drives. To achieve high performance, HiSMRfs separates data and metadata storage, and manages them differently.(More)
Parity declustering allows faster reconstruction of a disk array when some disk fails. Moreover, it guarantees uniform reconstruction workload on all surviving disks. It has been shown that parity declustering for one-failure tolerant array codes can be obtained via Balanced Incomplete Block Designs. We extend this technique for array codes that can(More)
Big data is an emerging term in the storage industry, and it is data analytics on big storage, i.e., Cloud-scale storage. In Cloud-scale (or EB-scale) file systems, load balancing in request workloads across a metadata server cluster is critical for avoiding performance bottlenecks and improving quality of services.Many good approaches have been proposed(More)
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