Weixuan Zhang

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This paper presents the “monospinner”: a mechanically simple flying vehicle with only one moving part. The vehicle is shown to be controllable in three translational degrees of freedom and two rotational degrees of freedom. The vehicle has a single scalar control input, the thrust magnitude, and is controlled by a cascaded control strategy(More)
The spectral singularity existing in PT-synthetic plasmonic system has been widely investigated. Only lasing-mode can be excited resulting from the passive characteristic of metallic materials. Here, we investigated the spectral singularity in the hybrid structure composed of the photoexcited graphene and one-dimensional PT-diffractive grating. In this(More)
We report here the chiroptical amplification effect occurring in the hybrid systems consisting of chiral molecules and Si nanostructures. Under resonant excitation of circularly polarized light, the hybrid systems show strong CD induction signals at the optical frequency, which arise from both the electric and magnetic responses of the Si nanostructures.(More)
Recently, there has been great interest in studying ultrasensitive detection and characterization of biomolecules using plasmonic particles, because they are of considerable importance in biomedical science and pharmaceutics. So far, all the theories on plasmon-induced circular dichroism (CD) have been based on the dipole approximation; the electric(More)
The interaction between quantum emitters and graphene wrapped nanowire has been investigated using a Green's function technique. The eigenmodes for the graphene wrapped nanowire at various Fermi levels in graphene have been solved exactly. The Dicke subradiance and superradiance resulting from the graphene-mediated interaction have been observed. Based on(More)
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