Weixiong Ke

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Disorders of iron metabolism are a significant problem primarily in young and old populations. In this study, We compared 1-year-old C57BL6/J mice on iron deficient, iron overload, or iron sufficient diets with two similarly aged genetic models of disturbed iron homeostasis, the sla (sex-linked anemia), and the ceruloplasmin knockout mice (Cp −/−) on iron(More)
Macrophages are critical players in both innate and adaptive immunity. While the exogenous signaling events leading to the terminal differentiation of macrophages from monocytes have been studied extensively, the underlying intracellular transcriptional mechanisms remain poorly understood. Here we report that the homeobox transcription factor VentX plays a(More)
Rates of hospital-acquired infections, specifically methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), are increasingly being used as indicators for quality of hospital hygiene. There has been much effort on understanding the transmission process at the hospital level; however, interhospital population-based transmission remains poorly defined. We(More)
Cell senescence is a process of irreversible arrest of cell proliferation and plays an important role in tumor suppression. Recent studies showed that Wnt inhibition is a trigger of cellular senescence. Using methods of reverse genetics, we recently identified VentX, a human homolog of the vertebrate Xenopus Vent family of homeobox genes, as a novel Wnt(More)
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