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We have studied the so-called roof collapse in soft lithography. Roof collapse is due to the adhesion between the PDMS stamp and substrate, and it may affect the quality of soft lithography. Our analysis accounts for the interactions of multiple punches and the effect of elastic mismatch between the PDMS stamp and substrate. A scaling law among the stamp(More)
In this paper, an optimal control method based on feedback linearization is proposed for EHA-VPVM (electro-hydrostatic actuator with variable pump displacement and variable motor speed) system, which is a dual-input single-output (DISO) nonlinear system with multiplicative nonlinear property. In this work, a real EHA-VPVM system is modeled at first. Then(More)
The paper introduces an isolated word speech recognition system in which the speech signal is acquired in real time, Half Raised-Sine function is applied to the MFCC parameters of the audio files, and improved DTW algorithm is implemented. Experimental results show that compared the conventional DTW with the improved DTW algorithm, the latter can obtain a(More)
Recommender systems are designed to solve the overload information. Collaborative filtering based on the entire user network is by far most widely recommended algorithm, but it produced large amounts of operational data and it has difficulty to analyze characteristics of products and deal with data sparsity problem. To solve this problem, we employed a(More)
The direct drive Electro-mechanical Actuator (EMA) system integrates the ball screw on the motor rotor directly, which eliminates the disadvantages of traditional gear transmission device. However, such construction of system brings challenges to the control strategy for high positioning precision and outstanding load disturbance-rejection ability. To meet(More)
Overview The Structures and Materials group is responsible for the analysis of the solid parts of the rocket—the rocket case and the unburned solid fuel. The activities of this group divide into two thrust areas: (1) system simulation, primarily by finite element methods, and (2) constitutive and failure modeling of components and materials. The technology(More)