Weixing Wang

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A novel image watermarking method in multiwavelet domain based on support vector machines (SVMs) is proposed in this paper. The special frequency band and property of image in multiwavelet domain are employed for the watermarking algorithm. After performed single-level multiwavelet decomposition on each image block of an image, a mean value modulation(More)
Application codes in a variety of areas are being updated for performance on the latest architectures. We describe current bottlenecks and performance improvement areas for applications including plasma physics, chemistry related to carbon capture and sequestration, and material science. We include a variety of methods including advanced hybrid(More)
One of the main challenges in wireless sensor networks is to obtain long system lifetime. We propose an algorithm for electing the cluster head node based on the maximum residual energy for the purpose of even distribution of energy consumption in the overall network and obtaining the longest network lifetime. To maintain the original performance of the(More)