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Based on RFID and ZigBee technology a novel logistics data collection system is proposed, in which the data collection terminal with data graphics management, multi-thread task scheduling and interrupt scheduling is designed. In the simulation studies, communication characteristic test & analysis are given. The experimental results demonstrate that our(More)
There are many dynamic optimization problems in the real world, whose convergence and searching ability is cautiously desired, obviously different from static optimization cases. This requires an optimization algorithm adaptively seek the changing optima over dynamic environments, instead of only finding the global optimal solution in the static(More)
Material supply management for vehicle assembly workshops usually suffer from message delay and waste of stock, which seriously holdback the reactivity capability of production system. As a rapid, real-time, accurate information collection tools, Radio Frequency identification (RFID) technology has become an important driver in the production and logistics(More)
This paper presents a design method to solve the problems of high failure rate and sorting inefficience in the current cigarette sorting system by integrating RFID technology with CAN BUS. Based on the features of high speed of data transmission, real-time and high reliability, CAN BUS intelligent node is designed. RFID technology enhances the speed and(More)
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