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On a local scale, invasiveness of introduced species and invasibility of habitats together determine invasion success. A key issue in invasion ecology has been how to quantify the contribution of species invasiveness and habitat invasibility separately. Conventional approaches, such as comparing the differences in traits and/or impacts of species between(More)
Plant N:P ratios are widely used as indices of nutrient limitation in terrestrial ecosystems, but the response of these metrics in different plant tissues to altered N and P availability and their interactions remains largely unclear. We evaluated changes in N and P concentrations, N:P ratios of new leaves (<1 yr), older leaves (>1 yr), stems and mixed fine(More)
Reforested plantations have substantial effects on terrestrial carbon cycling due to their large coverage area. Although understory plants are important components of reforested plantations, their effects on ecosystem carbon dynamics remain unclear. This study was designed to investigate the effects of vegetation removal/understory removal and tree girdling(More)
Soil bacteria may be influenced by vegetation and play important roles in global carbon efflux and nutrient cycling under global changes. Coniferous and broadleaved forests are two phyletically distinct vegetation types. Soil microbial communities in these forests have been extensively investigated but few studies have presented comparable data regarding(More)
In order to solve the problem that the embedded software has the shortcoming of the platform dependence, this paper presents an embedded software analysis method based on the static structure model. Before control flow and data flow analysis, a lexical analysis/syntax analysis method with simplified grammar and sentence depth is designed to analyze the(More)
Increasing atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition could profoundly impact community structure and ecosystem functions in forests. However, conventional experiments with understory addition of N (UAN) largely neglect canopy-associated biota and processes and therefore may not realistically simulate atmospheric N deposition to generate reliable impacts on forest(More)
Protein kinases are key players in controlling many basic cellular processes in almost all the organisms via mediating signal transduction processes. In the present study, we characterized the cellulolytic Trichoderma reesei orthologs of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sch9 and Yak1 by sequence alignment and functional analysis. The T. reesei Trsch9Δ and Tryak1Δ(More)