Weixiang Xu

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In this paper, we study in depth a new modeling method of the parameter curve and surface, i.e. uniform trigonometric polynomial B-spline surface with shape parameters. We have designed a series of algorithms. We also develop a Space Freedom Surface Modeling System under Microsoft Visual C++6.0 programmed circumstance, with some examples given as the(More)
Affinity propagation (AP) algorithm, as a novel clustering method, does not require the users to specify the initial cluster centers in advance, which regards all data points as potential exemplars (cluster centers) equally and groups the clusters totally by the similar degree among the data points. But in many cases there exist some different intensive(More)
—Railway distributed system integration needs to realize information exchange, resources sharing and coordination process across fields, departments and application systems. And railway data integration is essential to implement this integration. In order to resolve the problem of heterogeneity of data models among data sources of different railway(More)