Weixia Xu

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—Coverage problem is a fundamental issue in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. Previous techniques for coverage scheduling often require accurate location information or range measurements, which cannot be easily obtained in resource-limited ad hoc and sensor networks. Recently, a method based on algebraic topology has been proposed to achieve coverage(More)
With the rapid improvement of computation capability in high performance supercomputer system, the imbalance of performance between computation subsystem and storage subsystem has become more and more serious, especially when various big data are produced ranging from tens of gigabytes up to terabytes. To reduce this gap, large-scale storage systems need to(More)
Scalability of cache coherence protocol is a key component in future shared-memory multi-core or multi-processor systems. The state space explosion is the first hurdle while applying model-checking to scalable protocols. In order to validate parameterized cache coherence protocols effectively, we present a new method of reducing the state space of(More)