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This paper describes the construction of a computational anatomical atlas of the human hippocampus. The atlas is derived from high-resolution 9.4 Tesla MRI of postmortem samples. The main subfields of the hippocampus (cornu ammonis fields CA1, CA2/3; the dentate gyrus; and the vestigial hippocampal sulcus) are labeled in the images manually using a(More)
This work concerns the asymmetric addition of methyl propiolate to aldehydes with 1,2-dimethoxyethane (DME) as additive and beta-sulfonamide alcohol titanium complex as a catalyst. The reactions proceeded under mild conditions and gave the highly functionalized chiral propargylic alcohols with high ee values and good yields. Differences between three types(More)
The [H26N, H33N] mutant of horse heart cytochrome c was expressed in E. coli during growth on isotopically enriched minimal media. Complete resonance assignments of both the diamagnetic reduced (spin zero) and paramagnetic oxidized (spin (1/2)) states of the protein were obtained using standard triple resonance and total correlation spectroscopy using the(More)
In this study, we investigated the long-term treatment of dantrolene on amyloid and tau neuropathology, brain volume, and cognitive function in aged triple transgenic Alzheimer (3xTg-AD) mice. Fifteen-month old 3xTg-AD mice and wild-type controls were treated with oral dantrolene (5 mg/kg) or vehicle control twice a week for 6 months. Learning and memory(More)
The reasons of torque ripples and flux trajectory resulted by conventional direct torque control of induction motor are discussed. A new control strategy combined predictive control algorithm with synthetic vector duty ratio control technology is proposed based on the discussion to improve the performance of Direct Torque Control(DTC). This method based on(More)
(1)H MRS, (31)P MRS and diffusion-weighted MRI (DW-MRI) were applied to study the metabolic changes associated with estrogen dependence in estrogen receptor (ER)-positive BT-474 and triple-negative HCC1806 breast cancer xenografts supplemented with or without 17β-estradiol (E2) at a dose of 0.18 or 0.72 mg/pellet. Furthermore, the effect of estrogen(More)
Tongue diagnosis is one of the most important diagnosis methods in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Tongue image segmentation is a crucial step of developing automatic tongue diagnosis system. After exploring the characteristics of different color models, we propose a tongue image segmentation method via thresholding in HSI and RGB color models. The(More)
it is one of the hot topics in accounting theory and in practices that if there is a correlation between the CFO characteristic variables and the quality of Accounting Information. Based on the data of 30 irregularities samples and 30 faith samples selected from punished listed companies by government from 2005 to 2007, this paper study the correlation(More)
We report the solution NMR structure of a designed dimetal-binding protein, di-Zn(II) DFsc, along with a secondary refinement step employing molecular dynamics techniques. Calculation of the initial NMR structural ensemble by standard methods led to distortions in the metal-ligand geometries at the active site. Unrestrained molecular dynamics using a(More)
Here, we have presented a green and facile strategy to fabricate nitrogen-doped carbon dots (N-CDs) and their applications for determination of chlortetracycline (CTC) and sulfasalazine (SSZ). The fluorescent N-CDs, prepared by one-step hydrothermal reaction of citric acid and l-arginine, manifested numerous excellent features containing strong blue(More)