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We report a novel kind of all-optical dynamic grating based on Brillouin scattering in a polarization maintaining fiber (PMF). A moving acoustic grating is generated by stimulated Brillouin scattering between writing beams in one polarization and used to reflect an orthogonally polarized reading beam at different wavelengths. The center wavelength of the(More)
This paper presents a novel method that realizes simultaneous and completely discriminative measurement of strain and temperature using one piece of Panda-type polarization-maintaining fibre. Two independent optical parameters in the fiber, the Brillouin frequency shift and the birefringence, are measured by evaluating the spectrum of stimulated Brillouin(More)
We study the principle of correlation-based distributed generation and readout of dynamic grating spectrum generated in stimulated Brillouin scattering in a polarization-maintaining optical fiber. The experimental validation is demonstrated by applying synchronous sinusoidal frequency modulations to two orthogonally polarized laser sources that serve as the(More)
We propose a Brillouin optical correlation-domain reflectometry (BOCDR), which can measure the distribution of strain and/or temperature along an optical fiber from a single end, by detecting spontaneous Brillouin scattering with controlling the interference of continuous lightwaves. In a pulse-based conventional Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry(More)
Supervised manifold learning has been successfully applied to human action recognition. With the class label information, the recognition performance can be improved. However, the learned manifold may not be able to well preserve the local structure which reflects temporal information of an action. To overcome this limitation, this paper proposes a new(More)
We demonstrate the distributed measurement of Brillouin dynamic grating spectra in a polarization-maintaining fiber based on time-domain analysis. Local reflection spectra of the Brillouin dynamic grating are acquired by synchronized propagation of the pump and the probe pulses based on the map of the Brillouin frequency distribution. Large temperature(More)
We propose an active photonic phase drift cancellation scheme for frequency transfer over optical fiber based on a linear photonic RF phase shifter. The photonic RF phase shifter consists of a dual parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator and optical filter with the assistance of the local microwave signal. The phase drift induced by fiber transmission can be(More)
Spatial structure of objects is an important feature of images and making use of this feature properly is very important for the user in the retrieval system. However, only a third of the existing image retrieval systems use spatial features and those features are low precision features which are variant to rotation and shift. In this paper, a polygon-based(More)
Stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in a high-delta fiber with F-doped depressed inner cladding is studied through considering the interaction of acoustic and optical modes in the fiber. It is found that the number of acoustic modes in the fiber is reduced and the frequency spacing between neighboring modes is enlarged because of the F doping. The(More)
We propose a method to generate a widely tunable linearly chirped microwave waveform based on spectral filtering and unbalanced dispersion. Heterodyne beating between two differently dispersed optical pulses in a photodetector produces the linearly chirped microwave waveform. Desired waveforms with flexible and independent control of the center frequency(More)