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Particular matter (PM) due to its side effects on human health like increase the risk of lung cancer and vision impairment has been one of the major concerns for air quality. These particles are now considered as one of the high priorities issues by health organizations in China. In this study, daily PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations data from November 2013 to(More)
DEDICATION To my parents and lovely wife… It is their anticipation that stimulates me to pursue high education! ACKNOWLEDGMENT First, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my advisor, Dr. Zhiqiang Gao, for his supervision during the whole period of my study. It was an invaluable experience working in his industrially oriented projects and(More)
A new type of porous fence called Deflector-Porous Fence (DPF), which contains deflectors with different angels, has been developed. This paper studies numerically the velocity, surface pressure and turbulence intensity distribution behind the novel wind fence using FLUENT software, while comparing its characteristics with the conventional fence. The(More)
This paper introduced a new Double-effect distillation process with Heat Integration, called the double-effect feed-split distillation, in methychlorosilane distillation to separate multi-components of chlorosilane. Three kinds of types of double-effect distillation and the traditional single column distillation process were simulated using the software(More)
The component structure of inclined plate with a higher separation efficiency was got by experimental study of liquid-liquid separator with different internal components and the influence of the operating parameters on the inclined plate separator separation efficiency was also investigated. Using commercial software FLUENT to optimize the structural(More)
DEDICATED TO MY PARENTS ACKNOWLEGEMENT I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my advisor, Dr. Zhiqiang Gao, for giving me such a challenging opportunity, for his inspiring direction for the research and for his great support in all aspects of my study. Stankovic and Dr. Toshinori Munakata, who are on my committee, for their time in reviewing and(More)
Zhiqiang Gao, for his supervision and help throughout the course of my study. Most of all, I am grateful for his vision and encouragement to continue in higher education and research. I enjoy learning from his teaching philosphy and problem solving methods. I am also grateful for his flexibility in the area and topics that interest me for research. Jack(More)
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