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Beneficial Effects of Trypsin Inhibitors Derived from a Spider Venom Peptide in L-Arginine-Induced Severe Acute Pancreatitis in Mice
The trypsin inhibitory potency and lower neurotoxicity of HWTI-mut1 suggest that it could potentially be developed as a drug for the treatment of acute pancreatitis with few side effects.
Tracing origins of uranium ore concentrates (UOCs) by multidimensional statistical analysis of rare-earth impurities
Identifying the origins of uranium ore concentrates (UOCs) has become a research hotspot in nuclear forensics. In the present study, a novel approach using the REE data of uranium ores instead of UOC
[Expression and characterization of Huwentoxin-XI (HWTX-XI) and its mutants].
Two mutants were designed that had the same trypsin inhibition activity as HWTX-XI, whereas their potassium channel inhibition activity and animal toxicity were much lower than those of HWTX -XI.