Weiwei Kong

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Following the recent work Schaeffer and Osher (SIAM J Imaging Sci 6:226–262, 2013), the low patch-rank interpretation for the oscillating patterns of an image validates the application of matrix-rank optimization to image decomposition. Therein, the problem was mathematically modeled as a separable convex programming with three-block (a total variation(More)
The dried root of Gentiana macrophylla is a well-known traditional Chinese herbal medicine for treating jaundice, hepatitis, and stomachic and choleretic ailments. However, natural sources are now in short supply. A lack of information about its genetic background has been a great hindrance to producing its active constituents via genetic engineering. We(More)
— In this study, we focus on how to land an un-manned aerial vehicle (UAV) in unknown and GPS-denied environments based on an infrared stereo vision system. The vision system is fixed on the ground and used to track the UAV's position during the landing process. In order to enlarge the search field of view (FOV), a pan-tilt unit (PTU) is employed to actuate(More)