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The interests of Location Based Services (LBS) have been highly increased according to the development of location aware techniques and mobile devices. Various spatial-indexing methods based on R-tree structure have been proposed to process queries efficiently. However, many node accesses occur in tree based spatial index structures when queries are(More)
Ht-2 is a novel oxaliplatin derivative previously identified in a compound screen performed by our laboratory. In the present study, we evaluated the antitumor effects of Ht-2 and investigated its underlying mechanism of action. Ht-2 exhibited anti-tumor activity and demonstrated low cytotoxicity in normal cells in vitro. The IC50 of Ht-2 was 2–10-fold(More)
This paper choose financial date in 2010, including 132 listed companies in Zhejiang province and 44 listed companies in Liaoning province which went public in Shanghai and Shenzhen exchange before 2010. Through statistics software spss 16.0, using least square method of multiple regression analysis with goodness-of-fit R2 inspection, whole F test of(More)
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