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Chondrosarcoma is a type of malignant bone tumor secreting cartilage-like matrix. In clinical treatment, there is no frequently used drug treatment option except for surgical resection. Hedgehog (HH) pathway is a classical signaling pathway that regulates normal cartilage cell development. In order to detect the role that HH pathway plays in chondrosarcoma,(More)
Chondrosarcoma is a bone tumor characterized by the secretion of a cartilage-like extracellular matrix. It has been proved to lack extracellular sensor primary cilia. This study aimed to illustrate a feasible therapeutic method for chondrosarcoma by regulating primary cilia assembly through inhibiting histone deacetylases 6 (HDAC6) activation. In order to(More)
Chondrosarcoma is characterized by secretion of a cartilage-like matrix, with high proliferation ability and metastatic potential. Previous studies have shown that parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) has a close relationship with various tumor types. The objectives of this study were to research the function played by PTHrP in human chondrosarcoma,(More)
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