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We put forward a contourlet transform and PCNN based image enhancement algorithm in this paper. This method overcomes the traditional wavelet transform's deficiencies in sparse representing inseparable semantic details of images, such as multidirectional edges. Firstly the images are decomposed into multi-directional and multi-scale contour segments by the(More)
After Olympic Games in 2004, the once used board, MISTRAL (M), in Olympic Game has been substituted with NEIL PRYDE RS: X (NP). To meet the need of the national sailing team, the research group carried out the experiments on the hydrodynamic performance of the NP and M early or later. The resistances, transverse forces and wrest moments were measured by(More)
In swimming competition, a rational disposition of physical strength is seen as a major factor in deciding the final outcome. Among various items in swimming competition, the issue of physical distribution over the 400 m race has aroused the most extensive controversy. In this paper, concerning the achievements of elite athletes home and abroad in 400 m(More)
An intelligent testing and assessment system of power ability was developed and applied. It could measure the displacement of the weight in the phase of power training and the velocity, force and power of the weight could be calculated. This system was simple and easy to use, could not only intelligently monitor the training, but also assess the athletes'(More)
The rowing is one of the important events in the Olympic Games. In order to study the hydrodynamic performance of rowing, we finished the linetype mapping and the calculated the parameters of the double rowing model. Based on the resistance data of rowing at different states, we obtained the rule of resistance of rowing at different speeds. The study(More)
Objective. to study the distribution and affecting factors on sub health of the college teachers, scientific proof for health care is provided. Methods. The teachers in 21 colleges were investigated with the same questionnaires and the affecting factors on subhealth were analyzed by means of logistic regression analysis. Results. The risk age was above 40(More)
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