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Video quality has a direct impact on user experience and how to evaluate it has become an important topic of current research. Existing video quality assessment methods have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Assessment methods hitherto can reflect video quality to some extent but they could not well establish the relationship between Quality of Service(More)
Using data from more than 2000 seismic stations from multiple networks arrayed through we perform ambient noise Rayleigh wave tomography across the entire region and earthquake tomography across parts of South China and Northeast China. We produce isotropic Rayleigh wave group and phase speed maps with uncertainty estimates from 8 to 50 sec period across(More)
Traditional mobile ad hoc networks are assumed to be homogeneous networks that nodes have single radio interface. Nodes moving fast and randomly, so they usually suffer from frequent link failures and less communication opportunities. In order to improve the network performance, heterogeneous ad hoc networks with multiple radio interfaces are involved.(More)
Significant climate shifts in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau have taken place during the Cenozoic, but the reasons behind them remain unclear. In order to unravel the mechanisms driving these climate changes, proxy data with accurate age constraint are needed. Here we present magnetostratigraphy, sediment color (redness a*, and lightness L*) and(More)
Two types of surface wave anisotropy are observed regularly by seismologists but are only rarely interpreted jointly: apparent radial anisotropy, which is the difference in propagation speed between horizontally and vertically polarized waves inferred from Love and Rayleigh waves, and apparent azimuthal anisotropy, which is the directional dependence of(More)
The Cenozoic basins and ranges form the high topography of the northeastern Tibet that resulted from the India-Eurasia collision. Sedimentary rocks in the basins provide direct insight into the exhumation history of the ranges and the tectonic processes that led to the northeastward growth of the Tibetan Plateau. In this study, we analyzed and compared(More)
In this paper, the basic ideal of the Event Space Theory and Analyzing Events are expatiated on. Then it is suggested that how to set up event base library in developing application software. Based above the designing principle of facing methodology. Finally, in order to explain how to apply the Event Space Theory in developing economic evaluation software,(More)
The routing algorithms of DTN (Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networks) have not been efficient enough until now, which is one of the hot spots for DTN research. In this paper, aiming at fully using the knowledge inside the DTN environments both locally and globally, we propose a forecast method based on time-varying graph using time series analysis theory.(More)
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