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Historical levels of Pb, Zn, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, As, Fe, Al and Mn were found in C1 and C2 sediment cores from the Hejiang River, which is located in a typical mining region of Southern China, the levels date back approximately 57 and 83 years. Temporal variations in the core C1 around the mining peaked in the 1960s, after which they exhibited a decreasing(More)
Video quality has a direct impact on user experience and how to evaluate it has become an important topic of current research. Existing video quality assessment methods have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Assessment methods hitherto can reflect video quality to some extent but they could not well establish the relationship between Quality of Service(More)
Passive air samplers (PAS) were deployed concurrently at 15 locations (nine urban sites and six rural sites) in Vietnam and exposed for approximately 6 weeks from June 26, 2012 to August 26, 2012 and from December 8, 2012 to February 8, 2013. The concentration, composition and enantiomeric signatures of the target compound and Air Mass Backward Trajectories(More)
September-October 2012 An increasing number of people are traveling abroad by air each year for either business or pleasure. In 2009, over 30 million Americans traveled overseas,1 with most going on vacation trips. Most international air traffic is made up of travelers in Europe and the rest of the world, with over 69 million international flights in the(More)
The routing algorithms of DTN (Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networks) have not been efficient enough until now, which is one of the hot spots for DTN research. In this paper, aiming at fully using the knowledge inside the DTN environments both locally and globally, we propose a forecast method based on time-varying graph using time series analysis theory.(More)
The Gene Identification via Phenotype Sequencing (GIPS) software considers a range of experimental and analysis choices in sequencing-based forward genetics studies within an integrated probabilistic framework, which enables direct gene cloning from the sequencing of several unrelated mutants of the same phenotype without the need to create segregation(More)
Women with estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer receive treatment with tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors as adjuvant hormone therapy, but their tumors frequently exhibit de novo or acquired resistance. Current strategies being developed to overcome resistance involve a combination of growth factor pathway inhibitors in addition to hormone therapy.(More)
[1] A period parameter tc and an amplitude parameter Pd determined from the very beginning of P wave are important for earthquake early warning (EEW), yet their dependence on source mechanism, focal depth and epicentral distance has not been fully studied. After the devastating Mw7.9 Wenchuan earthquake, hundreds of M4-6 earthquakes occurred with diverse(More)
Terahertz-wave parametric oscillators (TPOs) have advantages of room temperature operation, wide tunable range, narrow line-width, good coherence. They have also disadvantage of small pulse energy. In this paper, several factors preventing TPOs from generating high-energy THz pulses and the corresponding solutions are analyzed. A scheme to generate(More)