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Video quality has a direct impact on user experience and how to evaluate it has become an important topic of current research. Existing video quality assessment methods have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Assessment methods hitherto can reflect video quality to some extent but they could not well establish the relationship between Quality of Service(More)
Women with estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer receive treatment with tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors as adjuvant hormone therapy, but their tumors frequently exhibit de novo or acquired resistance. Current strategies being developed to overcome resistance involve a combination of growth factor pathway inhibitors in addition to hormone therapy.(More)
Historical levels of Pb, Zn, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, As, Fe, Al and Mn were found in C1 and C2 sediment cores from the Hejiang River, which is located in a typical mining region of Southern China, the levels date back approximately 57 and 83 years. Temporal variations in the core C1 around the mining peaked in the 1960s, after which they exhibited a decreasing(More)
A diode-pumped, actively Q-switched dual-wavelength laser employing Nd:YVO(4) self-Raman emission at 1524 nm and undoped GdVO(4) Raman emission at 1522 nm is demonstrated. With a pump power of 21.5 W and pulse repetition frequency of 20 kHz, a maximum dual-wavelength output power of 1.62 W was obtained, comprising a 0.54 W, 1522 nm Raman component and 1.08(More)
Traditional mobile ad hoc networks are assumed to be homogeneous networks that nodes have single radio interface. Nodes moving fast and randomly, so they usually suffer from frequent link failures and less communication opportunities. In order to improve the network performance, heterogeneous ad hoc networks with multiple radio interfaces are involved.(More)
A diode-pumped, actively Q-switched second-Stokes dual-wavelength laser employing ceramic Nd:YAG as the gain medium and BaWO(4) as the Raman medium is demonstrated. The dual-wavelength Raman laser emission at 1321 and 1325 nm is based on the dual-wavelength fundamental laser emission at 1061 and 1064 nm. With a pump power of 18.4 W and pulse repetition(More)
Significant climate shifts in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau have taken place during the Cenozoic, but the reasons behind them remain unclear. In order to unravel the mechanisms driving these climate changes, proxy data with accurate age constraint are needed. Here we present magnetostratigraphy, sediment color (redness a*, and lightness L*) and(More)
Two types of surface wave anisotropy are observed regularly by seismologists but are only rarely interpreted jointly: apparent radial anisotropy, which is the difference in propagation speed between horizontally and vertically polarized waves inferred from Love and Rayleigh waves, and apparent azimuthal anisotropy, which is the directional dependence of(More)