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Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents
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Exact mass gap of the chiral SU(n) x SU(n) model.
Using the Bethe ansatz equation the mass gap of the chiral SU({ital n}){times}SU({ital n}) model is calculated in terms of the {Lambda} parameter in the modified minimal subtraction scheme. TheExpand
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Simulations of Lattice Fermions with Chiral Symmetry in Quantum Chromodynamics
This thesis is dedicated to explore the feasibility of extraction of the low energy constants of the chiral Lagrangian in the epsilon–regime of quenched QCD. We apply two formulations of theExpand
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Angiogenesis, Key principles, Science, Technology, Medicine
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Control-related beliefs and depression among clinic-referred children and adolescents.
Does childhood depression involve a perceived lack of control? The answer may depend on which dimension of control one examines. Here, building on recent theory, we distinguished between twoExpand
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Effect of Light on the Electrokinetic Behavior of TiO(2) Particles in Contact with Cr(VI) Aqueous Solutions.
The electrokinetic behavior of titanium dioxide particles (Degussa P25, mainly composed of anatase) put in contact with chromium(VI) aqueous solutions is highly sensitive to light exposure underExpand
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Half-integer and integer quantum-flux periods in the magnetoresistance of one-dimensional rings.
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Persistent current in isolated mesoscopic rings.
Persistant current in isolated mesoscopic rings is studied using the continium and tight-binding models of independent electrons. The calculation is performed with disorder and also at finiteExpand
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Localization and phase coherence length in the Lloyd model.
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Strong correlations versus U-center pairing and fractional Aharonov-Bohm effect.
The influence of the interaction between electrons on the Aharonov-Bohm effect is investigated in the framework of the Hubbard model. The repulsion between electrons associated with strongExpand
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