Weisu Chen

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Excellent resistive switching memory characteristics were demonstrated for an Al/Cu/Ti/TaOx/W structure with a Ti nanolayer at the Cu/TaOx interface under low voltage operation of ± 1.5 V and a range of current compliances (CCs) from 0.1 to 500 μA. Oxygen accumulation at the Ti nanolayer and formation of a defective high-κ TaOx film were confirmed by(More)
Improved resistive switching memory characteristics by controlling the formation polarity in an IrOx/Al2O3/IrOx-ND/Al2O3/WOx/W structure have been investigated. High density of 1 × 1013/cm2 and small size of 1.3 nm in diameter of the IrOx nano-dots (NDs) have been observed by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. The IrOx-NDs, Al2O3, and WOx(More)
We demonstrate enhanced repeatable nanoscale bipolar resistive switching memory characteristics in Al/Cu/Ge0.5Se0.5/W, as compared with Al/Cu/Ge0.2Se0.8/W structures, including stable AC endurance (>105 cycles), larger average SET voltage (approximately 0.6 V), excellent data retention (>105 s) at 85°C, and a high resistance ratio (>104) with a current(More)
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