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This paper presents a novel gradient correlation similarity (Gcs) measure-based decolorization model for faithfully preserving the appearance of the original color image. Contrary to the conventional data-fidelity term consisting of gradient error-norm-based measures, the newly defined Gcs measure calculates the summation of the gradient correlation between(More)
Recently, the sparsity which is implicit in MR images has been successfully exploited for fast MR imaging with incomplete acquisitions. In this paper, two novel algorithms are proposed to solve the sparse parallel MR imaging problem, which consists of l1 regularization and fidelity terms. The two algorithms combine forward-backward operator splitting and(More)
This study presents thioether construction involving alkyl/aryl thiosulfates and diazonium salt catalyzed by visible-light-excited [Ru(bpy)3 Cl2 ] at room temperature in 44-86 % yield. Electron paramagnetic resonance studies found that thiosulfate radical formation was promoted by K2 CO3 . Conversely, radicals generated from BnSH or BnSSBn (Bn=benzyl) were(More)
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