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The impact of the reform efforts of the 1990s, as well as the rapid process of globalization, all resulted in far reaching changes in the structure of the Jamaican economy. With these changes, the existing planning and economic models became increasingly limited in scope as they could not adequately reflect the new structural reality. In March 2006, the(More)
Disclaimer: The findings, opinions, interpretations and recommendations in this report are entirely those of the author, and should not be attributed in any manner to the Green Economy Initiative or the United Nations Environment Programme. Institute and the Worldwatch Institute. The author thanks all participants at these meetings for their helpful(More)
Part 2: Policy Options 418 " Imagine our descendants in the year 2200 or 2500. They might liken us to aliens who have treated the Earth as if it were a mere stopover for refueling, or even worse, characterize us as barbarians who would ransack their own home. Living up to the Anthropocene means building a culture that grows with Earth's biological wealth(More)
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