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The flavonoid compound mangiferin is found in the leaves, stem bark, fruit peels and root of Mangifera indica L. and in many other herbal species with many potential pharmacological properties. We have established an analytical method of mangiferin extracted from M. indica L. bark and Mangifera persiciformis C.Y. Wu et T.L. Ming leaves utilizing CZE. An(More)
Computer techniques have been leveraged to record human experiences in many public spaces, e.g. meeting rooms and classrooms. For the large amount of such records produced after long-term use, it is imperative to generate auto summaries of the original content for fast skimming and browsing. In this paper, we present ASBUL, a novel algorithm to produce(More)
The experience record in smart space is an useful service for education activities, either for the purpose of course review or multimedia courseware creation. In this paper, we present the concept of collaborative experience record according to the new feature of pervasive computing paradigm. A supporting platform is implemented to enable the rapid(More)
In this paper, aiming at the deficiencies of Open Agent Architecture (OAA) on accommodating the location-aware computing, we propose an improved software infrastructure for smart classroom (a kind of smart space): SLAP (Smart Location-Aware Platform), which can not only offer an architecture and mechanism supporting the location-aware computing, but also(More)
White board sharing between PC and PDAs is a typical interactive application between PC and mobile device in ubiquitous environment. Due to the limited size of PDA' s screen, when a large amount of clients simultaneously use PDAs to share the server's screen while their viewed areas (or viewports) are different in size and position, the server must(More)
Due to the distribution nature and multi-customer interaction characteristic of the CSCW system, multicast becomes an ideal transmission instrument. Thus we have put into effect a multicast protocol named TORM (totally ordered reliable multicast). In order to evaluate its performance, we conduct the analysis and comparison between TORM and another multicast(More)
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