Weirui Zhang

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Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) is a life-threatening illness caused by deficiency of the vWF-cleaving protease ADAMTS13. Here we show that ADAMTS13-deficient mice are viable and exhibit normal survival, although vWF-mediated platelet-endothelial interactions are significantly prolonged. Introduction of the genetic background CASA/Rk (a mouse(More)
BACKGROUND The extraction of brain tissue from cerebral MRI volume is an important pre-procedure for neuroimage analyses. The authors have developed an accurate and robust brain extraction method using a hybrid level set based active contour neighborhood model. METHODS The method uses a nonlinear speed function in the hybrid level set model to eliminate(More)
Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton (Oleaceae) is an evergreen vine or shrub that is native to Pakistan and India; this species is cultivated as an ornamental plant worldwide because of its attractive and sweet fragrance ( Ruan, 2014 ). Previous studies on this plant have mainly focused on its aromatic compounds ( Edris et al., 2008 ), medicinal values ( Sengar et(More)
The ocean is a capacious area with the most abundant biological resources on the earth. The particularity of the marine ecological environment (high pressure, high salt, and hypoxia) makes the marine species survival competition fiercely, forcing many marine organisms in the process of life to produce a great deal of secondary metabolites with special(More)
Gouty arthritis results from monosodium urate (MSU) crystal deposition in joint tissues. The deposited MSU crystals induce an acute inflammatory response which leads to damage of joint tissue, with edema and erythema of joints and severe pain. This paper investigated the anti-gouty arthritis mechanism of four natural substances, astaxanthin, apple(More)
pH/enzyme-responsive nanocarriers based on porous silica (pSiO2) nanospheres (NSs) were developed for controlled release of drug. The pSiO2 NSs present uniform spheres and have an average diameter of 100nm. The pSiO2 NSs with high specific surface area (835m2·g-1) and the pore volume (1.24cm3·g-1) are suitable for drug loading and the loading capacity(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Microsatellite markers of Jasminum sambac (Oleaceae) were isolated to investigate wild germplasm resources and provide markers for breeding. METHODS AND RESULTS Illumina sequencing was used to isolate microsatellite markers from the transcriptome of J. sambac. A total of 1322 microsatellites were identified from 49,772 assembled(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the influence of enzymatic cattle bone, enzymatic fish bone and ultrafine-enzymatic cattle bone on apparent calcium absorption rate and bone density in rats. METHODS Female SD rats were randomly divided into 9 groups with 10 rats in each group, and were fed with low- and high-enzymatic cattle bone diet, low- and high-enzymatic fish(More)
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