Weirong Jiang

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We present grazing-incidence Fourier transform infrared and AFM data of Au, Al, and Ti vapor-deposited onto self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of conjugated mono- and dithiols. SAMs of 4,4'''-dimercapto-p-quaterphenyl, 4,4"-dimercapto-p-terphenyl, and 4,4'-dimercapto-p-biphenyl have reactive thiols at the SAM/vacuum interface that interact with(More)
Ascii/Word/NAN/ nano186935/PAP Printed 11/2/2005 Issue no Total pages First page Last page File name Date req Artnum Cover date Abstract Conductance of nanoscale junctions consisting of a molecular monolayer in contact with different metal electrodes is studied. The characteristic energy scales of conductance are determined from the temperature dependence(More)
Organic thiols have received extensive attention recently because of their relative stability and ease of examination compared to other potential molecular electronic materials. In this work, scanning probe microscopy (SPM) is used to study (i) the structural properties of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) containing conjugated dithiols and (ii) the(More)
Key Points: • Martian dynamo can be terminated by impact-induced thermal heterogeneity • Magnetic field morphology remains intact • Martian dynamo timing places a lower bound on paleopolar reorientation (2014), Could giant basin-forming impacts have killed Martian dynamo?, Geophys. This is an open access article under the terms of the Creative Commons(More)
The transport properties of metal–molecule–metal junctions containing a monolayer of conjugated and saturated molecules with characteristic dimensions in the range 30–300 nm are correlated with microscopic topography, stress and chemical bonding at the metal–molecule interfaces. Our statistically significant dataset allows us to conclude that the(More)
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