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Software testing is a labor-intensive task in software development life-cycle. Human knowledge is useful in the practices of software testing, especially GUI testing. There are many strategies for GUI testing assisted by human knowledge, in which manual random testing and manual functional testing are two of widely used ones. In this paper, an empirical(More)
Test case prioritization techniques are proposed to schedule execution of test cases in order to improve testing effectiveness. Various coverage criteria are used as surrogates for test case prioritization. They are expected to improve testing effectiveness by satisfying the surrogates as early as possible. In test case prioritization, statement coverage is(More)
• GUITAR Project: Develop and design a new easily extendable and configurable framework for the GUITAR core system. Implement GUITAR extensions for Java Swing and Android platforms and support for other platforms like GTK, web, etc. • COMET Project: Research on controlling test flakiness in system level GUI testing in terms of GUI state, code coverage and(More)
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