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Transplant of immature cardiomyocytes is recently attracting a great deal of interest as a new experimental strategy for the treatment of failing hearts. Full understanding of normal cardiomyogenesis is essential to make this regenerative therapy feasible. We analyzed the molecular and functional changes of Ca(2+) handling proteins during development of the(More)
Tenzing is a query engine built on top of MapReduce [9] for ad hoc analysis of Google data. Tenzing supports a mostly complete SQL implementation (with several extensions) combined with several key characteristics such as het-erogeneity, high performance, scalability, reliability, meta-data awareness, low latency, support for columnar storage and structured(More)
Postoperative cognitive decline is a clinical concern especially for senior patients. It is generally recognized that glutamatergic system plays a crucial role in the physiopathologic process of neurocognitive deterioration. However, alterations of glutamatergic system in prolonged isoflurane-induced learning/memory decline are still unclear. This study(More)
 Recent studies have shown the presence of a 4-aminopyridine (4-AP) sensitive, ultrarapid delayed rectifier K+ current (I K,ur) in adult human atria, but an apparent absence of this current in adult human ventricles. The present experiment was designed to investigate the postnatal changes of I K,ur in rat ventricular myocytes. The presence of I K,ur was(More)
Recent studies hypothesized that phospholipids stabilize two voltage-sensing arginine residues of certain voltage-gated potassium channels in activated conformations. It remains unclear how lipids directly affect these channels. Here, by examining the conformations of the KvAP in different lipids, we showed that without voltage change, the voltage-sensor(More)
Electronic health network (EHN) is an information system providing functions involved in e-health. In this paper, we devise mechanisms covering three important security and privacy issues of EHN including trust management, privacy preserving, and data sharing. First, we propose an authenticated key agreement scheme based on hierarchical identity-based(More)
OBJECTIVES The molecular mechanism of postoperative cognitive dysfunction is largely unknown. Isoflurane has been shown to promote Alzheimer's disease neuropathogenesis. We set out to determine whether the effect of isoflurane on spatial memory is associated with amyloid-beta (A-beta) levels and tau phosphorylation in aged rats. METHODS Eighteen-month-old(More)
BACKGROUND The purposes of this study were to identify knowledge and attitudes held by Chinese university students regarding cadaveric organ donation and to understand the factors that drive negative attitudes. METHODS Questionnaires were delivered to 200 medical and 200 non-medical students chosen by random assignment at Central South University in(More)