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Moving object detection is one of the challenging problems in video monitoring systems, especially when the illumination changes and shadow exists. Robust and real-time foreground segmentation is a crucial and first step. Background subtraction is a typical approach to segment foreground, but the continuous or abrupt variations of lighting conditions that(More)
Friction exists in all motions, and friction is the key factor that influences the low velocity performance of servo systems. It usually caused the steady-state error of servo systems and resulted in the creeping phenomenon in low velocity motions. Friction is complicated nonlinear process with time-varying uncertainties. The traditional PID controller of(More)
According to the principles of the line of sight (LOS) stabilization and tracking the maneuvering target, the control and test facilities of the gyro stabilized and opto-electronic tracking platform were designed in the paper. The testing key techniques of them were discussed. An industrial computer was the control kernel of the testing system. A Peripheral(More)
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