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With the increasing popularity of Internet, more and more developers are collaborating together for software development. During the collaboration, a lot of information related to software development, including communication and coordination information of developers, can be recorded in software repositories. The information can be employed to construct(More)
Measurements performed at several locations clearly show that frequency spectrum is under-utilized. Cognitive radio is a strong candidate to ensure better spectrum utilization by providing access in an opportunistic manner. Simulations performed on the algorithm that we proposed show promising results in sensing vacant channels in TV bands. Here we present(More)
The recurrent neural network language model (RNNLM) has shown significant promise for statistical language modeling. In this work, a new class-based output layer method is introduced to further improve the RNNLM. In this method, word class information is incorporated into the output layer by utilizing the Brown clustering algorithm to estimate a class-based(More)
Superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles were obtained using a hydrolysis product of starch, i.e., α-d-glucose, as the reducing agent and without any additional stabilizer and dispersant by a facile and green method at mild temperature. Magnetic dialdehyde starch nanoparticles (MDASN) were successfully synthesized with dialdehyde starch (DAS) as wrapper and(More)
This paper introduces the intelligent home appliance control system, the system is developed through ARM microprocessor, embedded Linux operating system, ZigBee wireless communication technology and network technology. It gives the overall framework of hardware and software design, and describes ways to implement the system. User can control appliances(More)