Weiqiang Wen

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In response to the need for secure one-round authenticated key exchange protocols providing both perfect forward secrecy and full deniability, we put forward a new paradigm for constructing protocols from a Diffie-Hellman type protocol plus a non-interactive designated verifier proof of knowledge (DV-PoK) scheme. We define the notion of DV-PoK which is a(More)
We present a probabilistic polynomial-time reduction from the lattice Bounded Distance Decoding (BDD) problem with parameter 1/( √ 2 · γ) to the unique Shortest Vector Problem (uSVP) with parameter γ for any γ > 1 that is polynomial in the lattice dimension n. It improves the BDD to uSVP reductions of [Lyubashevsky and Micciancio, CRYPTO, 2009] and [Liu,(More)
The most widely accepted models in the security proofs of Authenticated Key Exchange protocols are the Canetti-Krawczyk and extended CanettiKrawczyk models that admit different adversarial queries with ambiguities and incomparable strength. It is desirable to incorporate specific and powerful adversarial queries into a single unified security model and(More)
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