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In response to the need for secure one-round authenticated key exchange protocols providing both perfect forward secrecy and full deniability, we put forward a new paradigm for constructing protocols from a Diffie-Hellman type protocol plus a non-interactive designated verifier proof of knowledge (DV-PoK) scheme. We define the notion of DV-PoK which is a(More)
We present a probabilistic polynomial-time reduction from the lattice Bounded Distance Decoding (BDD) problem with parameter 1/(√ 2 · γ) to the unique Shortest Vector Problem (uSVP) with parameter γ for any γ > 1 that is polynomial in the lattice dimension n. on Kannan's embedding technique. The main ingredient to the improvement is the use of Khot's(More)
The most widely accepted models in the security proofs of Authenticated Key Exchange protocols are the Canetti-Krawczyk and extended Canetti-Krawczyk models that admit different adversarial queries with ambiguities and incomparable strength. It is desirable to incorporate specific and powerful adversarial queries into a single unified security model and(More)
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