Weiqiang Tang

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One of the main pathological symptoms of early diabetic retinal neuropathy is retina neuronal apoptosis. In the present work we investigated the effects of indoleamine hormone melatonin, a powerful free radical scavenger, on streptozotocin-induced retina neuronal cell apoptosis in high blood glucose rat. After melatonin treatment (10 mg/kg/day), tunel(More)
PURPOSE Chemical burn in cornea may cause permanent visual problem or complete blindness. In the present study, we investigated the role of microRNA 206 (miR-206) in relieving chemical burn in mouse cornea. METHOD An alkali burn model was established in C57BL/6 mice to induce chemical corneal injury. Within 72 hours, the transient inflammatory responses(More)
A high-order sliding mode control algorithm is proposed for nonlinear uncertain systems based on geometric homogeneity and fast terminal sliding mode. Homogeneity approach used to stabilize the nominal system, and fast terminal sliding mode used to reject the uncertainty, are applied to constructing the controller. High-order sliding mode is established by(More)
In the modern electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI), the filtering for the correlation fringe pattern plays an important role in extracting the edge information and processing the ESPI image. A filtering method based on Curvelet transform is proposed in this paper for processing the ESPI image. Some other representative filtering methods such as(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the clinical features, histopathologic classification and frequencies of various types of recurrent orbital space-occupying lesions. METHODS A retrospective study was carried out in 253 consecutive patients with recurrent orbital space-occupying lesions treated by surgical excision in the Institute of Orbital Diseases, the General(More)
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