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The best characterized signalling pathway employed by transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) is the Smad pathway. We focused on Smad4, because it is essential for the activation of Smad-dependent target genes. We aimed to explore the possibility of inhibiting scar formation after wounding by blocking TGF-β signalling by means of a gene therapy approach(More)
Lower eyelid ectropion is conventionally reconstructed with a local flap or full-thickness skin graft. However, scar contracture and recurrence of ectropion often occur. This article describes an effective surgical technique for lower eyelid ectropion repair using a bipedicle orbicularis oculi muscle or myocutaneous flap from the upper eyelid. This study(More)
Pretreatment of cellulose with ionic liquids (ILs) can improve the efficiency of the hydrolysis by increasing the surface area of the substrates accessible to solvents and cellulases. However, the IL methods are facing challenges to separate the hydrolyzed sugar products as well as the renewable ILs from the complex hydrolysis mixtures. In this study, an(More)
Cryptotia is the fourth most common congenital auricular deformity, and it is more prevalent among Asians. A number of techniques for its correction have been introduced, and relatively favourable results have been achieved. We describe our experience with a technique for its correction using the square flap method designed on the temporal scalp and skin(More)
This paper investigated the uplink of multiuser massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems with a mixed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) receiver architecture, in which some antennas are equipped with costly full-resolution ADCs and others with less expensive low-resolution ADCs. A closed-form approximation of the achievable spectral efficiency (SE)(More)
In this paper, we investigate the achievable ergodic sum-rate for multiuser massive multiple-input multiple-output systems, where different array configurations such as uniform linear arrays (ULAs), uniform planar arrays (UPAs) and uniform circular arrays (UCAs), are deployed at the base station (BS). The investigation is carried out based on a three(More)
Recent population studies suggest that the use of artemisinin is associated with reduced incidence and improved prognosis of certain cancers. In the current study, we assessed the effect of artemisinin on neuroblastoma cells using SHSY5Y cells. We found that artemisinin inhibited growth and modulated expression of cell-cycle regulators in these cells.(More)
In this paper, we investigate the achievable uplink spectral efficiency (SE) and its approximate analytical expression in massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems, using finite precision analog-digital converters (ADCs) and zeroforcing (ZF) technique at the receivers. To analyze the system performance, we adopt the additive quantization noise model,(More)
In recent years, many mini-incisional techniques for double-eyelid plasty have been developed. However, the removal of pretarsal tissue has not been satisfactory because only small pockets of soft tissue just inferior to the skin have been removed to place the suture. The formed double eyelid may therefore not be durable. This report introduces a modified(More)