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Mount Gongga spans 6500 m in elevation and has intact and continuous vertical vegetation belts, ranging from subtropical evergreen broad-leaved vegetation to an alpine frigid sparse grass and desert zone. Investigating the altitudinal trends in leaf nitrogen (N) on Mount Gongga can increase our understanding of the global biogeography of foliar N. In this(More)
Named Data Networking (NDN) is proposed to embrace the increasing demands of data-sharing and content dissemination. This paper proposes a distributed synchronization model, RepoSync, to provide accurate and efficient content synchronization. RepoSync adopts a combination of action-based and data-based synchronization, where actions are used to record the(More)
Neuropathic pain after periphery nerve injury is frequently accompanied by the regeneration of the injured nerve fibers. We tested in this study whether local administration of Nogo-66, a well-studied axon growth inhibiting peptide in the central nerve system, could reduce the pain related behavior after sciatic nerve transection in rat. Nogo-66 peptide was(More)
While the concept of visual saliency has been previously explored in the areas of mesh and image processing, saliency detection also applies to other sensory stimuli. In this paper, we explore the problem of tactile mesh saliency, where we define salient points on a virtual mesh as those that a human is more likely to grasp, press, or touch if the mesh were(More)
Network operators rely on security services to protect their IT infrastructures. Different kinds of network security policies are defined globally and distributed among multiple security middleboxes deployed in networks. However, due to the complexity of security policy, it is inefficient to directly employ existing path-wise enforcement approaches. This(More)
The study of cultural heritage involves many different activities, including digital data visualization, information analysis and sharing results. Current technologies focus on providing better tools for data representation and processing, neglecting the importance of analysis and sharing. In this paper, we present a software system, CHER-Ob, which offers(More)
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