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The educcitional enterprise is iri the niidst of a philosophical shijt froni a behaviorist to a constriictivist purndigni. I f coristructivisnl is to be taketi seriously as n new edi~at ional priradigni in the ir?fornmtiori age, leorning technology R&D niitst pay more attention to learners iristead of teachers. 1. New Times Give New Challenges Advances in(More)
This paper experimentally investigates the dynamical behavior of a search process in a local heuristic search system for a combinatorial optimization problem. Or-opt heuristic algorithm is chosen as the study subject, and the well-known traveling salesman problem (TSP) serves as a problem testbed. This study constructs the search trajectory by using the(More)
Many real-world decision-making problems fall into the general category of classification. Algorithms for constructing knowledge by inductive inference from example have been widely used for some decades. Although these learning algorithms frequently address the same problem of learning from preclassified examples and much previous work in inductive(More)
This paper presents a new search procedure to tackle multi-objective traveling salesman problem (TSP). This procedure constructs the solution attractor for each of the objectives respectively. Each attractor contains the best solutions found for the corresponding objective. Then, these attractors are merged to find the Pareto-optimal solutions. The goal of(More)
China's freight transport volume experienced rapid growth over recent years, causing great concerns over its energy and environmental impacts. In this study, by establishing a bottom-up accounting framework, a set of scenarios reflecting the possible future trajectories of energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from China's freight transport(More)
In the competitive petroleum markets, oil price forecasting is becoming increasingly relevant to producers and consumers. This paper develops a structural econometric model of the Brent crude spot price using the explanatory variable of defined relative inventory and OPEC production to analyze and forecast short-run oil price. A Hodrick-Prescott filter(More)
This paper proposes a new parallel search procedure for dynamic multi-objective traveling salesman problem. We design a multi-objective TSP in a stochastic dynamic environment. The proposed procedure first uses parallel processors to identify the extreme solutions of the search space for each of k objectives individually at the same time. These solutions(More)
The electronic transport properties of carbohelicenes and heterohelicenes absorbed between two metal electrodes have been investigated by using the nonequilibrium Green's function in combination with the density function theory. The transport properties of the molecular junctions are mainly dependent on the nature of spiral molecules. The detailed analyses(More)