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OBJECTIVE To determine the changes in levels of D-dimer, prothrombin time (PT), fibrinogen (Fib), CD4 and CD8 in relation to hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) by using a rat model system and to assess the association with pathologic changes in lung. METHODS Forty male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into equal groups for modeling of cirrhosis and HPS. The(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) is a serious complication of advanced chronic liver disease. Abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) occurs with dysfunction of multiple organs when abdominal pressure increases. Here, we report on a novel model of ACS with ascites and a model of HRS in rats to observe the urea transporter protein (UT) expression in the 2(More)
This paper presents the work under investigation within the Embedded Networked Sensing (EmNetS) project funded by Enterprise Ireland under the WISen industry/academia consortium. The project addresses four main research areas within the embedded networked sensing space, namely, protocol stack development, middleware development, sensor network management(More)
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