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Anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing (anammox) bacteria have been detected in many marine and freshwater ecosystems. However, little is known about the distribution, diversity, and abundance of anammox bacteria in terrestrial ecosystems. In this study, anammox bacteria were found to be present in various agricultural soils collected from 32 different locations in(More)
BACKGROUND The subtype distribution of lymphoid neoplasms in Southwest China was analyzed according to WHO classifications. This study aims to analyze subtype distribution of lymphomas in southwest China. METHODS Lymphoid neoplasms diagnosed within 9 years in a single institution in Southwest China were analyzed according to the WHO classification. (More)
To estimate the distribution of lymphoid neoplasms in China, we conducted a comprehensive analysis, based on subtype, age, sex, and lesion, of primary and resected biopsy specimens of 4,638 lymphoid neoplasms diagnosed from 2004 to 2008 at 5 large hospitals. Of the 4,638 patients, mature B-cell neoplasms accounted for 64.3% of all lymphoid neoplasms, mature(More)
This study investigated the effects of N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine, an effective allelochemical on aquatic unicellular algae Chlorella vulgaris at physiological gene transcription level. Exposure to 2.5 mg L(-1) of N-phenyl-2-naphthylamine increased the activities of the antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase (SOD), peroxidase (POD), and catalase (CAT),(More)
Nicotine is a natural alkaloid produced by tobacco plants, and the mechanisms of its catabolism by microorganisms are diverse. In the present study, we reported the mutation, cloning, and identification of two novel genes involved in nicotine degradation from the newly isolated Pseudomonas sp. strain HZN6. Transposon mutagenesis identified a HZN6 mutant in(More)
Simple spring-damper-mass models have been widely used to simulate human locomotion. However, most previous models have not accounted for the effect of non-rigid masses (wobbling masses) on impact forces. A simple mechanical model of the human body developed in this study included the upper and lower bodies with each part represented by a rigid and a(More)
The extensive utilization of phthalate-containing products has lead to ubiquitous contamination of phthalate esters (PAEs) in various matrices. However, comprehensive knowledge of their pollution in Chinese farmland and associated risks is still limited. In this study, 15 PAEs were determined in soils from agricultural fields throughout the Mainland China.(More)
This study investigated the effects of paraquat, a widely used herbicide, on the aquatic unicellular alga Chlorella vulgaris through short-term toxicity tests at the physiological and gene transcriptional levels. Exposure to 0.5 microM paraquat increased the activities of the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase, peroxidase, and catalase to levels 4.93,(More)
Herbicides present in the environment induce oxidative stress in plants. We investigated the roles of exogenous NO-regulated chlorophyll synthesis, antioxidant enzyme activity and gene expression in herbicide-treated unicellular green algae Chlorella vulgaris. Atrazine (100 microg/L) or glufosinate (10 mg/L) treatment alone or in combination with 20 microM(More)
PURPOSE To explore the efficacy and safety of L-asparaginase in newly-diagnosed extranodal nature killer (NK)/T -cell lymphoma (ENKTL), we conducted a prospective phase II study of L-asparaginase, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, doxorubicin and dexamethasone (CHOP-L) regimen in combination with radiotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with newly(More)