Weiping Liu

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Periostin (POSTN), a recently characterised matricellular protein, is frequently dysregulated in various malignant cancers and promotes tumor metastatic growth. POSTN plays a critical role in the crosstalk between murine breast cancer stem cells (CSCs) and their niche to permit metastatic colonization. However, whether pro-metastatic capability of POSTN is(More)
Recommender systems have shown great potential in addressing the information overload problem, namely helping users in finding interesting and relevant objects within a huge information space. Some physical dynamics, including the heat conduction process and mass or energy diffusion on networks, have recently found applications in personalized(More)
INTRODUCTION Aberrant microenvironment and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress are associated with solid-tumor progression. Stress proteins, like heat shock proteins and glucose-regulated proteins, are frequently overexpressed in human tumors. It has been reported that derlin-1 is involved in ER stress response. In vitro studies have demonstrated that(More)
Recommendation systems represent an important tool for news distribution on the Internet. In this work we modify a recently proposed social recommendation model in order to deal with no explicit ratings of users on news. The model consists of a network of users which continually adapts in order to achieve an efficient news traffic. To optimize network's(More)
Exposing digital audio forgeries in time domain is a significant research issue in the audio forensics community. In this paper, we develop an audio forensics method to detect and locate audio forgeries in time domain (including deletion, insertion, substitution and splicing) by analyzing singularity points of audio signals after performing discrete wavelet(More)
—In this paper, taking into account realistic propagation conditions, namely, spatial correlation, keyhole channels, and unequal-power co-channel interference, we investigate the performance of a wireless relay network where all the nodes are equipped with multiple antennas. Considering channel state information assisted amplify-and-forward protocol, we(More)