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We develop a facile and effective strategy to prepare monodispersed Au spherical nanoparticles by two steps. Large-scale monocrystalline Au nanooctahedra with uniform size were synthesized by a polyol-route and subsequently Au nanoparticles were transformed from octahedron to spherical shape in a liquid under ambient atmosphere by non-focused laser(More)
The chemiresistive thin film gas sensors with fast response, high sensitivity, low power consumption and mass-produced potency, have been expected for practical application. It requires both sensitive materials, especially exquisite nanomaterials, and efficient substrate chip for heating and electrical addressing. However, it is challenging to achieve(More)
A simple and flexible strategy is presented for synthesis of mono or multi-layer nanostructured ordered porous films on any desired substrates with flat or even curved surface, based on the fact that polystyrene sphere colloidal monolayer on glass substrate can lift off and floated on some precursor solutions, which can, in turn, be transferred onto any(More)
Silver nanoplate hierarchical turreted ordered arrays were fabricated through an electro-deposition method on ordered acuate silicon nanocone templates. Such arrays can be used as SERS substrates for trace analyses of streptomycin sulphate, and exhibit high activity and stability. This work is of importance in practical applications based on the SERS effect(More)
The organic monolayer colloidal crystals, which are usually prepared by self-assembling, could be used as templates, due to their interstitial geometry, for the periodically arranged nanostructured arrays, which have important applications in many fields, such as photonic crystals, information storage, super-hydrophobicity, biological and chemical sensing.(More)
Nano-structured gas sensing materials, in particular nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanowires, enable high sensitivity at a ppb level for gas sensors. For practical applications, it is highly desirable to be able to manufacture such gas sensors in batch and at low cost. We present here a strategy of in-situ wafer-level fabrication of the high-performance(More)
Terahertz (THz) time-domain spectroscopy is carried out for micro/nanostructured periodic Au/dielectric sphere arrays on Si substrate. We find that the metal-insulator transition can be achieved in THz bandwidth via varying sample parameters such as the thickness of the Au shell and the diameter of the Au/dielectric sphere. The Au/polystyrene sphere arrays(More)
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