Weipeng Zhuo

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There has been much interest in offering multimedia location-based service (LBS) to indoor users (e.g., sending video/audio streams according to user locations). Offering good LBS largely depends on accurate indoor localization of mobile stations (MSs). To achieve that, in this paper we first model and analyze the error characteristics of important indoor(More)
Caenorhabditis elegans is a widely used model organism to study development, aging and behavior. Many of these biological studies require staging a large number of worms to assay a synchronized population of animals. Conventional synchronization techniques such as manual picking, gravity stratification and chemical bleaching are labor-intensive and could(More)
Animals' long-term survival is dependent on their ability to sense, filter and respond to their environment at multiple timescales. For example, during development, animals integrate environmental information, which can then modulate adult behavior and developmental trajectory. The neural and molecular mechanisms that underlie these changes are poorly(More)
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