Weipeng Ma

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The employment of the Variable Block size motion estimation technique introduces a new optimization issue for the motion compensated transform coding. An increase in bit rate allocation is necessary to accommodate VBS motion vectors. An algorithm for adaptive selection of motion estimation block size is proposed for R-D optimal motion estimation. It avoids(More)
H.264 adopts variable block size motion estimation and rate-distortion optimization based mode decision. They are two of the techniques that H.264 exploits to improve visual quality and achieve higher compression ratio. However, the computational complexity and encoding time are enormously increased. In this paper, a fuzzy logic based fast inter mode(More)
H.264 adopts Variable Block Size Motion Estimation and multiple reference frames to improve compression rate and video quality. However, these techniques increase the computation complexity and the encoding time enormously. In this paper, a fast scheme is proposed for H.264 inter prediction. The scheme includes two parts. One is the frame selection(More)
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