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Realization of millimeter-wave (MMW) communication data link has been explored through VCO designs in CMOS technology [1-9]. While a higher VCO oscillation frequency has been pursued by driving VCO designs up to the technology limits, their manufac-turability has been a concern. Due to increasing process variation in sub-100nm technologies, the VCO designs(More)
Two independent pepper (Capsicum annuum) genomes were published recently, opening a new era of molecular genetics research on pepper. However, pepper molecular marker technologies are still mainly focusing on the simple sequence repeats derived from public database or genomic library. The development and application of the third generation marker system(More)
Temperature and precipitation have been separately reported to be the main factors affecting the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in the Tibetan Plateau. The effects of the main climatic factors on the yearly maximum NDVI (MNDVI) in the Tibetan Plateau were examined on different scales. The result underscored the observation that both(More)
Experiments of active vibration control for flexible beam are studied, with a Stewart platform manipulator (SPM) employed as an active equipment at the bottom of the beam. The dynamic modal of the rigid-flexible coupling system composed of the upper platform of the SPM and the flexible beam is built, and an auto disturbances rejection controller (ADRC) is(More)
With the emerging of IoT (Internet of Things), the scale of Internet is extended extremely and large amounts of information are produced. Most previous work only focuses on the interconnection and interoperability problems among different entities and enterprise application systems in a dynamic interaction environment. However, the problems of how to(More)
The adaptive fuzzy vibration control problem of large flexible truss with Hexapod active interface is studied. Firstly, independent modal space model of flexible truss with Hexapod active interface is established with energy method. A stable direct adaptive fuzzy controller is designed based on fuzzy control theory and classical adaptive control theory.(More)
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