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The homeobox Six genes, homologues to Drosophila sine oculis (so) gene, are expressed in multiple organs during mammalian development. However, their roles during auditory system development have not been studied. We report that Six1 is required for mouse auditory system development. During inner ear development, Six1 expression was first detected in the(More)
In a community cloud, multiple user groups dynamically share a massive number of data blocks. The authors present a new associative data sharing method that uses virtual disks in the MeePo cloud, a research storage cloud built at Tsinghua University. Innovations in the MeePo cloud design include big data metering, associative data sharing, data block(More)
As the CMP (Chip-Multiprocessor) scale increases' moving data to computation becomes more and more expensive in terms of latency and energy consumption. Conversely, the scheme of moving computation to data has potential to improve efficiency, especially for the irregular applications that contain graph computing, hash map or matrix multiplication. This(More)
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) has already been used in many aspects of rehabilitation medicine as a treatment method. According to the functional electrical stimulation, we present an electrical muscle simulator which can adjust the amplitude, frequency and wave of electrical impulses by button and make the treatment more effective. In this paper,(More)
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