Weiming Tong

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The total economic value of wetland ecosystem services can be separated into use value and non-use value. The non-use value assessment on a large time scale is insignificant for the wetland management policies. This paper uses an economic model to analyze the non-use value trends based on the former willingness to pay survey of the non-use value in the(More)
Controller Area Network operational characteristic supports periodic, sporadic and event based task behavior of distributed embedded system for industrial applications. CAN connect distributed Electronics Control Units (ECU) serially in the network and share measured data of different parameters and control information from the different places. System(More)
—Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is considered to be the first step in constructing smart grid. AMI allows customers to make real-time choices about power utilization and enables power utilities to increase the effectiveness of the regional power grids by managing demand load during peak times and reducing unneeded power generation. These initiatives(More)
The MAC mechanism, communication data type, and communication reference model which are very important to fieldbus communication are summarized and analyzed. A set of fieldbus static performance indices described by layered concept are proposed. Through diagram and simulation method, the evaluation results of the static performance indices for several(More)
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