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With the development of electric driving systems, the synchronization control system of multiple motors has been used widely in many industry fields recently. The research on the synchronized control technique of multiple motors is getting more and more important. This paper focuses on the synchronization control strategy of multi-motor control system based(More)
This paper proposes a novel method based on wavelet packet decomposition and support vector machines for detection and classification of power quality disturbances. Wavelet packet decomposition is mainly used to extract features of power quality disturbances; and support vector machines are mainly used to construct a multi-class classifier which can(More)
At the time of this paper writing, all scheduling algorithms are looking for tradeoffs between low complexity, low latency, and fairness. The priority queuing (PQ) scheduling can meet the requirements of real-time applications but is not good at fairness; sorted priority algorithms like WFQ, achieve better results in latency and fairness by calculating(More)
The total economic value of wetland ecosystem services can be separated into use value and non-use value. The non-use value assessment on a large time scale is insignificant for the wetland management policies. This paper uses an economic model to analyze the non-use value trends based on the former willingness to pay survey of the non-use value in the(More)
A compound-structure permanent-magnet synchronous machine (CS-PMSM) system is a hybrid-electric-vehicle power-train concept. Six typical topologies of CS-PMSMs are proposed. The characteristics of different CS-PMSMs are compared and evaluated from the aspects of torque density, manufacturability, heat-dissipating capability, and magnetic coupling. The(More)
The magnetic coupling problem is discussed for the six topologies of compound-structure permanent-magnet (PM) synchronous machine (CS-PMSM), and the radial-radial flux CS-PMSM is investigated as example. Taking Toyota Prius hybrid system as reference, a radial-radial flux CS-PMSM is designed. Owing to mechanical reason, the thicknesses of the PMs on the(More)
PROFIBUS luldbus is used widely in many automated systems such as manufacturing industries and process factories. In this paper, some of parameters are analyzed, which have close relationship with the real time performance of system, such as DP cycle time and target token rotation time. Two kinds of formulas of time estimate are given. The variety trend of(More)
In this paper, a data engine model for CAN is proposed, so devices simply based on CAN could communicate with other applications and users could maintain the simply CAN based network and interface devices while utilizing the existing configuration software. The concept of an I/O tag is put forward and CAN messages could be mapped into tag items. By handling(More)