Weiming Peng

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As a generalized approach in natural language processing, pattern matching is seldom applied in syntactic parsing nowadays. In some applications on short text analysis such as microblog opinion mining, the sentences are characterized by obvious patterns. Thus automatic parsing by pattern matching may be more effective than general syntactic parsing method.(More)
In order to better serve the international Chinese teaching, according to the sentence-based syntactic system and Chinese syntax structure characteristics, the paper builds a basic sentence-pattern instance database based on the international Chinese textbook Treebank. Based on the instance database, the paper adds an index for the predicate, and then(More)
Grammar teaching and learning have always been important and difficult parts in L2 Chinese. This paper demonstrates a method for automatically extracting and recommending Grammar Points to L2 Chinese teachers and learners. First, a L2 Chinese grammar syllabus is reconstructed based on a corpus of international Chinese teaching materials. Second, a regular(More)
The present work is a study of the gas-flow phenomenon known as the ?end of the vortex? (EoV), which spontaneously occurs at the lower end, or under, reverse-flow centrifugal separators such as cyclones or swirl tubes. Different CFD models of swirl tubes have been built to study and analyse this phenomenon in detail. The present numerical work is based on ?(More)
Different CFD models of reverse-flow centrifugal separators namely swirl tubes have been built in order to study and detail analysis of the phenomenon of the "end of the vortex". The present work based on previous experience and experimental activities in the field of this phenomenon. The models was built in absolutely agree with geometrical characteristics(More)
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