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Video-on-demand over IP (VOD) is one of the best-known examples of "next-generation" Internet applications cited as a goal by networking and multimedia researchers. Without empirical data, researchers have generally relied on simulated models to drive their design and developmental efforts. In this paper, we present one of the first measurement studies of a(More)
Graphics Processing Units (GPU) have been playing an important role in the general purpose computing market recently. The common approach to program GPU today is to write GPU specific code with low level GPU APIs such as CUDA. Although this approach can achieve very good performance, it raises serious portability issues: programmers are required to write a(More)
Software bugs, such as concurrency, memory and semantic bugs, can significantly affect system reliability. Although much effort has been made to address this problem, there are still many bugs that cannot be detected, especially concurrency bugs due to the complexity of concurrent programs. Effective approaches for detecting these common bugs are therefore(More)
We are interested in the problem of word extraction from Chinese text collections. We define a word to be a meaningful string composed of several Chinese characters. For example, , 'percent', and , 'more and more', are not recognized as traditional Chinese words from the viewpoint of some people. However, in our work, they are words because they are very(More)
The central auditory system translates sound localization cues into a map of space guided, in part, by visual experience. In barn owls, this process takes place in the external nucleus of the inferior colliculus (ICX). However, to date, no trace of visual activity has been observed in this auditory nucleus. Here we show that strong visual responses, which(More)
OpenMP has gained wide popularity as an API for parallel programming on shared memory and distributed shared memory platforms. Despite its broad availability, there remains a need for a portable, robust, open source, optimizing OpenMP compiler for C/C++/Fortran 90, especially for teaching and research, e.g. into its use on new target architectures, such as(More)
MapReduce is an important programming model for processing and generating large data sets in parallel. It is commonly applied in applications such as web indexing, data mining, machine learning, etc. As an open-source implementation of MapReduce, Hadoop is now widely used in industry. Virtualization, which is easy to configure and economical to use, shows(More)
Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a widely used standard for managing coarse-grained concurrency on distributed computers. Debugging parallel MPI applications, however, has always been a particularly challenging task due to their high degree of concurrent execution and non-deterministic behavior. Deterministic replay is a potentially powerful technique for(More)
As high-performance clusters continue to grow in size and popularity, issues of fault tolerance and reliability are becoming limiting factors on application scalability. We integrated one user-level checkpointing and rollback recovery (CRR) library to LAM/MPI, a high performance implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI), to improve its(More)