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A digital watermarking algorithm using Singular Value Decomposition in wavelet domain
Digital image watermarking is a useful solution to the problem of information security, copyright and network security. In this paper, a new watermarking algorithm is propose based on Singular ValueExpand
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A multirate wireless transmission system using wavelet packet modulation
A new OFDM transmission version for multirate integrated service based on wavelet packet transform (WPT), named orthogonal wavelet division multiplexing (OWDM), is proposed. Carrying multirateExpand
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Adaptive wavelet packet transform-based narrowband interference canceller in DSSS systems
A new adaptive narrowband interference (NBI) rejection method based on wavelet packet transform in DSSS systems is presented. The interference is well located in the course of wavelet packetExpand
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Comprehensive evaluation method of groundwater environment in a mining area based on fuzzy set theory
Abstract Disordered mining activities have significantly affected the eco-geological environment of groundwater in mining area. Based on the fuzzy set theory, this paper considered three factors: theExpand
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Optimal signalling envelope in time-discrete multipath fading channels
The authors write on an optimal signalling envelope under time-discrete multipath fading environments. A shift orthogonal signalling envelope is proposed and verified as the optimal signallingExpand
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Simulation of commercial-aircraft reliability
By applying Monte Carlo simulation methods, a simulation model is established which considers factors such as the reliability and maintainability (R&M) characteristics of the aircraft, weatherExpand
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Prediction of rock burst in underground caverns based on rough set and extensible comprehensive evaluation
In high terrestrial stress regions, rock burst is a major geological disaster influencing underground engineering construction significantly. How to carry out efficient and accurate rock burstExpand
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A Watermarking Algorithm Based on Wavelet and Hadamard Transform for Color Image
Digital image watermarking is a useful solution to the problem of information security, copyright and network security. In this paper, we propose a watermarking algorithm for color image based HT andExpand
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A new evaluation method for site selection of large underground water-sealed petroleum storage depots
Scientific site selection is the first step in constructing underground water-sealed petroleum storage depots, but no uniform standard and code for such activity has been established. Therefore, theExpand
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Online ADMM-Based Extreme Learning Machine for Sparse Supervised Learning
Sparse learning is an efficient technique for feature selection and avoiding overfitting in machine learning research areas. Considering sparse learning for real-world problems with online learningExpand
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