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Storage Stability of SBS-Modified Road Asphalt: Preparation, Morphology, and Rheological Properties
Abstract The hot storage stability of styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock copolymer (SBS)-modified road asphalt can be improved significantly by reactive blending of SBS and asphalt under high shareExpand
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Pinaverium Reduces Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Trial.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Pinaverium bromide (pinaverium) is an antispasmodic commonly used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but there has been no convincing evidence for its effectiveness andExpand
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Flow antagonizes TNF-alpha signaling in endothelial cells by inhibiting caspase-dependent PKC zeta processing.
Unidirectional laminar flow is atheroprotective, in part by inhibiting cytokine-mediated endothelial cell (EC) inflammation and apoptosis. Previously, we showed that flow inhibited TNF-alphaExpand
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ECC Based Threshold Cryptography for Secure Data Forwarding and Secure Key Exchange in MANET (I)
We propose a new approach to provide reliable data transmission in MANET with strong adversaries using Elliptic Curve Cryptography Diffie-Hellman and Threshold Cryptosystem. Expand
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Phase Morphology of Polymer Modified Road Asphalt
Abstract Polymer modified asphalt is a binary system of two immiscible phases (asphalt-rich phase and SBS-rich phase), which might show a continuous asphalt phase with dispersed polymer particles,Expand
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Revealing the ameliorating effect of chromium oxide on a carbon nanotube catalyst in propane oxidative dehydrogenation
Oxygenized multi-walled carbon nanotubes were modified with chromium oxide and applied in propane oxidative dehydrogenation. A propylene selectivity of 84.0% was obtained at a propane conversion ofExpand
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The structure of catena-poly[{diaqua(methacrylato-O,O')lanthanum-bis-μ-methacrylato-O,O':O;O:O,O'-diaqua(methacrylato-O,O')lanthanum}-bis-μ-methacrylato-O:O';O:O'], [La 2 (C 4 H 5 O 2 ) 6 (H 2 O) 4Expand
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Age and generation of Fogang granite batholith and Wushi diorite-hornblende gabbro body
Fogang granitic batholith, the largest Late Mesozoic batholith in the Nanling region, has an exposure area of ca. 6000 km2. Wushi diorite-homblende gabbro body is situated at the northeast part ofExpand
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Rutting response of hot-mix asphalt to generalized dynamic shear moduli of asphalt binder
Abstract In this paper, a stiffness indicator of Generalized Dynamic Shear Modulus (GDSM) of asphalt binders is introduced to study the rutting resistance of unmodified and polymer-modified asphaltExpand
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N-Heterocyclic carbene catalyzed conjugate umpolung reactions leading to coumarin derivatives
The NHC-catalyzed selective condensation reactions between cinnamaldehydes and salicylaldehydes viahomoenolate intermediates are described. A number of 3-benzyl-chromen-2-ones could be obtained inExpand
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