Weilong Zhu

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Visual genes may become inactive in species that inhabit poor light environments, and the function and regulation of opsin components in nocturnal moths are interesting topics. In this study, we cloned the ultraviolet (UV), blue (BL) and long-wavelength-sensitive (LW) opsin genes from the compound eye of the cotton bollworm and then measured their mRNA(More)
Two cultivars of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) differing in their drought tolerance (KTC86211 and ND7532) were subjected to a progressive soil water stress and recovery at four developmental stages. Dehydrins with molecular masses of 45 and 37 kDa were constitutively accumulated during all stages in both genotypes. The 28 kDa dehydrin accumulated(More)
With the large-scale release of genetically modified (GM) crops, there are ecological concerns on transgene movement from GM crops to non-GM counterparts and wild relatives. In this research, we conducted greenhouse experiments to measure pollen-mediated gene flow (PGF) in the absence and presence of pollinators (Bombus ignitus, Apis mellifera and Pieris(More)
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