Weilong Li

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It is clear that significant advances have been made in the understanding of the physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology of airway smooth muscle (ASM) contraction and how the knowledge obtained from these approaches may be used to elucidate the pathogenesis of asthma. Not to belittle other theories of smooth muscle contraction extant in the field,(More)
The Maximum Agreement Forest (MAF) problem on two given phylogenetic trees is an important NP-hard problem in the field of computational biology. In this paper, we study the parameterized version of the MAF problem: given two unrooted (multifurcating) phylogenetic trees T 1 and T 2 with the same leaf-label set L, and a parameter k, either construct an(More)
Spatial dispersion effect of aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in the terahertz (THz) region has significance for both theoretical and applied consideration due to the unique intrinsically anisotropic physical properties of CNTs. Herein, we report the angular dependent reflection of p-polarized THz wave from vertically aligned multi-walled CNT arrays in both(More)
MOTIVATION In genome assembly, as coverage of sequencing and genome size growing, most current softwares require a large memory for handling a great deal of sequence data. However, most researchers usually cannot meet the requirements of computing resources which prevent most current softwares from practical applications. RESULTS In this article, we(More)
This paper systematically investigated the effect of flow rate ratios between the water and oil phases, and concentrations of sodium alginate within the water phase, on the generation of droplets and capsules in a microfluidic reactor in order to facilitate artificial cell production within the water phase for biological experiments. Artificial cells, which(More)
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