Weilong Li

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The Maximum Agreement Forest (MAF) problem on two given phylogenetic trees is an important NP-hard problem in the field of computational biology. In this paper, we study the parameterized version of the MAF problem: given two unrooted (multifurcating) phylogenetic trees T 1 and T 2 with the same leaf-label set L, and a parameter k, either construct an(More)
MOTIVATION In genome assembly, as coverage of sequencing and genome size growing, most current softwares require a large memory for handling a great deal of sequence data. However, most researchers usually cannot meet the requirements of computing resources which prevent most current softwares from practical applications. RESULTS In this article, we(More)
In recent years, anomalous event detection has got more research attention and trajectory-based method is becoming popular. However, most researchers view trajectory data as a whole so they lost track's internal characteristics. Analyzing the trajectory structure will discover much more internal information. In this paper, the improved trajectory structure(More)
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