Weiling Guo

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Electrochemical bubbling transfer of graphene is a technique with high industrial potential due to its scalability, timeand costeffectiveness, and ecofriendliness. However, the graphene is often damaged due to the turbulence and the trapped bubbles formed by the direct H 2 O and H permeation through the supporting polymer. We invent a graphene mechanical(More)
We report the first novel cathodic electrochemiluminescence of Ru(bpy)(3)(2+) at positive potential of +0.6 V (vs. Ag/AgCl) with a strong light emission clearly visible to the naked eye triggered by reactive oxygen species O(2)(-) on an in situ electrodeposited Co(3)O(4) nanostructured electrode.
In the same area, the terrain details described by DEM are gradually generalized and primary terrain features are only retained in the coarser-resolution DEM. In this paper, wavelet multiresolution analysis and Radical Law selection principles were combined to model the terrain generalizing processes and derive three different scale-parameter DEMs based on(More)
A capacitor-based circuit model is proposed to explain the electrochemical delamination of two-dimensional materials from their native substrates where produced gas bubbles squeeze into the interface. The delamination is actually the electric breakdown of the capacitor formed between the solution and substrate. To facilitate the procedure, the backside of(More)
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