Weilin Deng

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The supervisory control theory of fuzzy discrete event systems (FDESs) for fuzzy language equivalence has been developed. However, in a way, language equivalence has limited expressiveness. So if the given specification can not be expressed by language equivalence, then the control for language equivalence does not work. In this paper, we further establish(More)
As a kind of antimicrobial agent, nano-silver composites have attracted a great deal of interest in biomedical applications. However, the typical loadings of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) in such composites could result in dose-related cytotoxicity. In this study, a nano-silver composite leading to antimicrobial activity without cytotoxicity was fabricated(More)
It is well known that type-1 fuzzy sets (T1 FSs) have limited capabilities to handle some data uncertainties directly, and type-2 fuzzy sets (T2 FSs) can cover the shortcoming of T1 FSs to a certain extent. Fuzzy discrete event systems (FDESs) were proposed based on T1 FSs theory. Hence, FDES may not be a satisfactory model to characterize some(More)
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